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Would You Please Tell Me One Of Your Childhood Animes Or Cartoons? 

31 deviants said Yes, of course!! [Comment Below If you click it dont be lazy and comment!]
3 deviants said No,i am lazy and moving my fingers to type the name and breath is too painful.
Okay lets being!!

1.UssrYuri:What got you into art, and how did you learn to art, self taught or classes?

1-Well i dont have a special "why" i just slowly started to make doodles of Animes...and well one thing lead to another one...and here i am today, i remember i used to suck at ART in my school and i hate it...but well hahah here i am today and i learn all by myself...i tried to go to courses of comics...but they didnt know about manga (here anime and manga isnt much know) so they tried to taught me comic and i flee 'cuz it wasnt what i was looking all i have has been self lesson...watching people and ambient online tutorials..and such, No art school in the middle.

2.BloodWolf752 : Have you been an artist for a while? Is it something you always enjoyed?

2-I have been a serious artist...for like...3 to 4 years, at the begging it was something like i will do whenever i was bored but flows throught me and i have to admit that i enjoy most of it (i hate lineart) and for a moment i thought i could making my way of living...but i guess i am not that good yet or i dont have enough people that follows me, but i am extremily happy for those who follow me >w< and i thanks you guys so much.

3.Vishapi : Why do you draw so much LoL related art, and with the time spent drawing, do you get time to game?

3- I draw so much fanart of LoL 'cuz i get inspired a lot by LoL a quote,a lore, a skill, a skin. Mostly of LoL things inspire me  and yes i still have time to play LoL i am currently in Gold IV and i will try to see if i can keep going up hahaha i have over 1300 wins and i dont know how many match in totals.

4.jano233 : What do you think makes your style special?

4-I actually...dont know how to answer that XD hahaha i draw...a mixture of...realistic...with anime? i dont know what define my drawing style maybe my coloring...would be my most showing stuff i tend to use bright colors instead of other artist do. But i really dont know or have a particual feature that define my drawing style, and if i do and you guys know it please point it up xD i would like to know it xD

5.CodeRoots : Do you ever think about making a comic or askblog?

5-Well..amm yeah for a moment a while ago i was thinking in making a comic...and i was really hype about it i started to imagine characters, storys, topics...but..i dont know what happend and lost my hype train and was let in the forgotten...i can create many imaginary storys with characters...and stuff...but i dont know...maybe the abrumation of the amout of work that i have to do is just overwhelming for me...and i never get myeself to do it... And about an askblog...i really never thought about it xD but i might give it some thought hahaha. But about the comic...i still think about doing it...i think about it everyday...but i never get myself to do it.

6.Wradem : Why did you start to be an artist?

6-I never actually thought on being an artist XD it started as just doodling then a hobby and now what is it now...i really never trully wanted to become and artist but i am happy of what i am now and force myself to keep evolving and being better.

7.Maxim-freaking-ilian What does the fox says? Will you give me a hug like a panda could?

7-I think fox says something like "ring ding ding ding dingeringeding" or "joff tchoff tchoffo tchoffo tchoff". And yes i could give you a hug like a panda could but lets make it quick i dont want my uke to get jealous.

8.CKninjaboy : your hair actually blue? :icontwitchkappa:

8-No, my real hair is not blue Doujio's hair is based in the first character i ever created in an only game. My hair actually is black and virgin.

9.Rawe01cobra Are there any artist that influence your style? (which your style is amazing btw's) <3

9-Thanks you xD, you always support me rawe xD i really appreciate it, and yes there are artist that influence me that are my inspiration and my "wannabe" too :iconzeronis: :iconganassa: :iconkumikopixiv: :iconcenaf: :iconbluefley: :iconarchvermin: :iconreiq: are my principal inspirations and wannabe :D

10.Derukuhime How do you even Art?

10-Well first you need to study the things you want to person you need to study anatomy or if you want to go for other stuff like dragons or fish or other stuff you need to study their anatomy and function how their walk and stuff like that, if you want to draw backgrounds or epic landscape you must learn perspective and different objects like style of trees,rocks, flora, fauna and stuff that belongs to the background you are drawing. After this you need to get use to your pencils or tablet (i dont recommend mouse 'cuz the position of the hand can cause Carpial tunnel syndrome), after you get use to your tablet you need to find a program that suits you for me it  is PaintoolSai but i am thinking in going back to Photoshop. After this you just need to follow the steps to draw something 1.get inspirated 2.sketch 3.lineart 4.coloring 5.effects and details 6.check if everything is okay and done. (Or at less this is how i art xD)

11.ComplexEvil What kind of computer do you use (or handheld device) im a bit of a tech geek so im curious.

11-Well my pc is pretty old i got it as my 18 bday and my mom has been regretting of it since then just basics to work XD. AMD athlon II x2 240 proccesor, 2gb of ram and a Nvidia Geforce Gt 240, i know its old but i cant afford a pro gamer less not for now.

12.sokiane How much perv do you find yourself from a scale from 1 to 10?

12-Well i will have to say...that...i am 8.5 to 9 and sometimes i reach 9.5. If you put me in a conversation i could spicy it up with just your own words but in a pervy way XD (I dont know why i feel so proud about it xD). But yeah i am pretty pervy and the worse thing is my uke is not...its naive and pure and i am starting to ruin her.

So this is for now...if i get ask any question that deserves to be here, i will add it. See you guys around ;D


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